How to Safely Fold a Band Saw Blade

What You'll Need
Leather gloves
Band saw blade box
Band saw blade
Long sleeved top

Learning how to fold a band saw blade is essential if you have a band saw in your workshop at home. A band saw is a really useful saw which can be used to cut through all types of different materials. Actually folding and storing the band saw blade can be very difficult because they are so big.

People have tried all sorts of methods in the past to store their band saw blades. These methods have included putting them in drawers, and even hanging them up on hooks. Hanging the saw blades up on hooks can cause more harm than good because the teeth can become damaged. Drawers aren't a very safe option because they can be very dangerous.

The only really safe method of storing the band saw blade is by folding it up into a similar shape to how the saw was delivered. The saw can be folded and placed inside a wooden box which can be put in a drawer, left on a bench, or fixed to the wall. Folding the band saw blade by yourself is actually very easy, but it might take a long time to get used to the technique.

Step 1 - Safety

Band saw blades are very sharp because they can be used to cut through pretty much any material. This means that they can be dangerous when you try to fold them up. You must protect your hands with leather gloves when you are folding the saw. The leather gloves will prevent you cutting yourself.

Step 2 - Choosing Your Location

The next important thing that you need to do is choose somewhere safe to fold the saw. You need to choose somewhere which has plenty of free space. You can fold smaller blades on a bench, but for larger blades you will need to have a free area of flooring in front of you.

Step 3 - Folding Your Blade

Now hold the blade out in front of you with the teeth pointing outwards. Put a foot onto the bottom of the blade so that it can't move while you are holding it.

Next, hold the blade with your right hand and start to twist it in a counterclockwise direction. The blade is very flexible and wants to curve naturally. This will make it easy to twist the blade.

The blade should fold down into small rings which are easier to handle and manage.

Step 4 - Flattening the Blade

Flatten the coils by pressing them downwards to the end of the blade which you are standing on. Gather all of the rings up together so that it's easy to pack into a box.

Step 5 - Storing the Blade

Now you should gather up the blade and hold it in your hands. Now you will be able to place it into the specialist storage box which is normally made out of wood. This will keep the blade safe and avoid any danger.