How to Screw into Concrete

What You'll Need
Safety goggles
Dust mask
Hammer drill
Carbide tipped drill bit
Compressed air
Masking tape

Knowing how to screw into concrete is important for anyone working on a home with concrete walls. It takes special equipment to screw into concrete, and there’s a technique to make it work properly. You can’t just try to put a screw directly into concrete and expect it to hold. By knowing how to screw into concrete properly, the screws will always hold the weight. It’s quite simple to learn.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before preparing to screw into concrete, put on safety equipment. As there will be many tiny chips of concrete, wear safety goggles, not glasses, for extra eye protection. A dust mask will help you breathe more easily. You also need to know the weight of the object that will hang from the screw and select the right length of screw for the job.

Mark the place for the screw by making an X on the wall with masking tape. This will help to cut down on the dust and debris when you begin to drill.

Step 2 - Drill Bit

Use a carbide tipped drill bit for drilling into concrete as it won’t dull on you partway through the job. Take the masking tape and attach a piece to the drill bit to mark the depth of the hole you need. This ensures you go deep enough at the first attempt. The drill bit should be the same width as the anchor you’ll be placing in the hole to support the screw.

Step 3 - Drill

A hammer drill is best for drilling into concrete. The motor is strong and it won’t burn out against the strength of the concrete. Start by making a pilot hole on the X. Once you have that guide, drill the hole. It’s important to hold the drill strictly perpendicular to the wall to have the hole go in straight. You need a straight hole for the screw to sit properly in the hole. Having the hole at an angle will affect the weight that the screw can safely hold.

Drill in the wall to the depth marked on the drill bit by the tape. Use compressed air (canned air is fine) to blow all the dust and debris out of the hole. This will make it easier to insert the anchor.

Step 4 - Anchor

Remove the masking tape from the concrete. Position the anchor over the hope and push the tip in as far as it will go. Take the hammer and tap lightly on the anchor until it’s fully in the concrete, the end of it flush with the concrete.

Step 5 - Screw

Start to put the screw into concrete. Insert it to the depth you need, letting the anchor grip the screw. It’s important not to overtighten the screw in the wall. Doing so can cause cracks in the concrete.