How to Seal Cantera Stone Tile

What You'll Need
Pressure Washer
Sealing Mixture

Cantera stone is a very popular type of material for your floor both inside and outside the home. Cantera is made from volcanic ash, and this means that it easily absorbs water. In order to be able to prevent your cantera stone from absorbing too much liquid, and becoming damaged, you need to seal it thoroughly. There are a number of different types of sealant which you can use to seal over your stone, in order to preserve your pavers. This is not a very difficult job, and you should be able to manage to do it easily by following a few basic steps.

Step 1 - Prepare the Ground

Start your sealing project by cleaning over the area. You need to use a pressure washer, which should be briefly sprayed over the surface of the Cantera stone. You should then use a cleaning solvent which is designed for use with this stone in order to fully clean it. Once the cleaner is applied, remove the dirt by wiping over it with a small brush. Remove as much of the dirt as you can, and then leave the Cantera stone pavers to dry thoroughly. This may take several days, and you will need to cover over the stone during rain showers.

Step 2 - Chose the Sealant

You can find two different types of sealant which are suitable for use with Cantera stone. These are known as penetrating sealers, and a coating sealer. The first sealant has a water-based liquid which is made from acrylic polymers, and is very suitable for the cantera stone, as it will quickly seep into the tiles and protect the stone. The coating sealer is able to cover over the surface of the stones, but can sometimes be moved off the stones through chipping damage.

Step 3 - Apply the Sealant

Pour the sealant you have chosen out on the ground, and allow it to spread out on the Cantera stone. The sealant should slowly move over the stones, moving out towards the edges as it does so. Stand at one corner of the paver, and place a clean broom on the pool of sealant. You should be able to sweep the sealant around the surface of your Cantera stone. Make sure that you don't damage the stones as you are sweeping, and cover all of the spots which you can find. You should make sure that the sealant is spread evenly, to prevent sticky build-up of liquid, and also to ensure that all of the tile is covered. Keep sweeping the stone until it forms a slightly sticky cover. As the sealant dries, look at the stone tile surface from all directions in order to ensure that you have not left any patches without sealant. The liquid should slowly dry overnight, or for around 24 hours, and then can be swept down to ensure that there is no loose residue.