How to Seal Limestone Floor Tiles

Lead Image
  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 70-200
What You'll Need
Alkaline stone cleaner
Limestone sealer
Small bowl
Foam paintbrush
Soft cloth
Protective eye wear
Dust mask

Limestone floor tiles are a durable type of natural stone flooring. Limestone is a porous material and needs to be sealed in order to prevent any stains or moisture from penetrating and damaging this beautiful stone. An specialized sealer made specifically for limestone must be used in the sealing process. The sealer should be applied when the limestone is installed and every two years after that to maintain the beauty of the stone. You will know when your limestone tiles require resealing by the way any water sits on the stone. Water on a protective seal will bead. If water no longer beads on the surface, the limestone needs to be resealed.

Step 1 – Safety

Be sure to put on protective eye wear, gloves and dust mask before you begin to seal your limestone tiles. The sealant will produce strong fumes. Be sure the room is well ventilated. Open all of the windows to allow the air to circulate better.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Limestone Tiles

Use your vacuum to remove any dirt or debris from the limestone tiles. Use an alkaline stone cleaner to wash the tiles. Read the directions provided by the manufacturer of the cleaner before you begin. This type of cleaner will remove any grease or stains from the flooring. Be sure that you do not use an acid based cleaner on your limestone floor as this will damage the tiles. Wipe any excess moisture from the tiles once they have been cleaned. Allow the limestone tiles to dry for about two days.

Step 3 – Using the Correct Sealer

Visit your local hardware or home improvement store and speak to a professional about your plans about sealing your limestone floor. The sealer you purchase should be a penetrating solution designed specifically for limestone tiles. Soft limestone tiles are best protected with a penetrating sealer that contains silicone. Be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the sealer before you begin to use it.

Step 4 – Sealing the Limestone Tiles

Open the bottle of sealer and pour the liquid into a small container. Dip your foam paint brush into the sealer. Carefully shake off any excess liquid. Use the brush to apply the sealer to the limestone tiles. Apply the sealer in wide strokes. Allow the limestone sealer to sit on the tiles for about five minutes. Use a soft, lint free cloth to wipe any excess moisture from the limestone. Use another soft cloth to polish the tiles. Rub the cloth in circular motions until the tiles shine. Wait for about three hours before you apply a second coat of sealer. Allow the sealer to sit again and then remove any excess moisture. Polish the tiles with your lint free cloth until the floor shines.