How to Seam a Granite Solid Surface Countertop

large kitchen with granite countertops
  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 75-150
What You'll Need
Putty knife
Rubber suction cups
Masking tape
Brush or clean cloth

It is important when installing a granite solid surface countertop, that you seam the sections to make them look like one strong piece. Here are a few quick steps that you can follow during the seaming process that can help to keep your granite looking sleek.

Step 1 - Line Up Edges

Begin by lining up the edges of the granite countertop sections. Once you apply epoxy there is little to no room for making changes. It is important to be satisfied with the line up before you move on to the next step.

Step 2 - Prepare the Granite and Materials

Apply masking tape onto both pieces of granite that you plan on seaming. Then, test out colors and tint and apply the correct one for your granite to the epoxy. Once you are satisfied with the color, add hardener to the epoxy. Add rubber suction cups and turnbuckles to both sides of the seam you are working on. This will allow you to pull the granite sections towards one another while it dries.

Step 3 - Seam and Seal

Apply epoxy to the edges of the granite. As soon as you apply the epoxy, begin turning the turnbuckles so that the granite pieces move together. Be careful not to turn too hard as they may crack. Before it dries, take a putty knife to level out and remove any excess epoxy. Once the epoxy has dried, take off the suction cups and tape. Wipe down the countertop with a clean rag and use a brush to apply a layer of sealant. Once the first layer dries, apply a second and let it sit overnight.