How to Secure a Corner Curio

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Stud Finder
1 Inch Wood Strips
2 1/2 Inch Drywall Screws
Metal Wire Lanyard

A corner curio cabinet is a great way to display some of your treasured items. These cabinets are enclosed in glass so that you can see the items that are being displayed. Securing a corner curio in your room that is too tall will help to negate any problems resulting in it tipping over. With a few tools, some patience, and spending time with measurements you will be able to easily secure the curio cabinet to your wall. 

Step 1: Find Perfect Location for Cabinet

A curio cabinet is a great way to display items, but it must be in the right position. Before attaching the cabinet in some random corner, take your time and figure out the best placement. Check to make sure that the curio cabinet is not close to high traffic areas, or places where a lot of furniture will be in the way.

Step 2: Mark Top of  Cabinet

Position a small level on the wall where the top of the cabinet is. Draw the line out from the corner in both directions. This will give you a reference point for where to attach the wire lanyard.

Step 3: Mark Studs

Use a stud finder and locate the studs that are close to the corner. Place a mark on either side of the studs so you know where it starts and ends. 

Step 4: Install Ledger Boards

Using small 1 by 2 or 3 inch boards, install some ledger boards to give the curio cabinet something stable to attach to. Hold up an 8 inch length of the wood directly under the pencil line and screw to the wall. Repeat this for both sides of the corner. 

Step 5: Attach Curio Cabinet to Wall

Hold the corner curio cabinet on the wall and line up with the mark. Screw a 2 1/2 inch screw into the back of the curio cabinet where the studs are located. The screws should be 4 inches from the top of the cabinet and four inches from the bottom. Wrap the wire lanyard around the screw on both the cabinet and the wood ledger board. Tighten the screws and pull the wire tight. This wire will keep the curio cabinet secure to the wall.

Step 6: Repeat On Other Side

Once the first side of the corner curio is secured to the wall, then repeat the process on the second side. The cabinet should be level with the previous step, but you should check anyway. Drive the screws into the same areas as in the previous step. 

Step 7: Remove Ledger Board

Once the curio cabinet is set on the wall you can then remove the ledger board. You will see the two screws that held each board on the wall. Patch them with a little bit of joint compound and smooth it out with a flat plastic scraper. Touch up the wall with some paint and enjoy your corner curio cabinet. If there is a light in the cabinet, plug in the cord and hide it with a metal conduit.