How to Secure Basement Shelving Into a Concrete Foundation

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  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 75-150
What You'll Need
Face mask
Safety glasses
Safety gloves
Permanent marker or pencil
High velocity driller
Carbide masonry drill bit
Masonry anchors
Masonry fasteners (for concrete)
Socket or socket wrench (a socket set)
Spirit level

To install shelving into a concrete foundation, you will need patience and special tools. The installation process is not complicated, but concrete is very difficult to drill. This article will show you how to successfully install secure basement shelving into a concrete foundation.

Step 1 - Drilling the Holes

Hold the shelving against the basement wall to draw some pilot drill holes. Ask somebody to hold the shelving if it is too heavy. Use the permanent marker or pencil to draw up the pilot holes. Drill the holes using the high velocity driller with the carbide masonry bit. Wear safety clothing and protective gear. Drilling into concrete requires a lot of patience, but it should not take long when using a masonry bit.

Step 2- Installing the Fasteners Into the Basement Wall

Clean the holes from the concrete dust residue. Use the hammer to drive the fastener into the concrete wall. Hammer the fasteners gently into the holes. The fastener is properly inserted when the sleeve is approximately in line with the concrete wall. Remember to buy specially made fasteners for concrete foundations.

Step 3 - Tightening the Fasteners

In order to tighten the fasteners, you will need to use the socket wrench along with the appropriate socket set screw. Tighten the nut, compressing it against the basement wall. After that, use the socket wrench to loosen and remove the washer. It will leave enough space for the screw to hold the shelving securely against the concrete wall. Place the nuts and washers in a safe place. Use as many fasteners as appropriate. Remember that the heavier the shelving, the more fasteners you will need to use.

Step 4 - Putting the Shelving on the Anchors

There is a large variety of anchors on the market. Making the right choice will determine whether your shelving will function for your needs. To determine whether your anchors are strong enough, calculate the approximate total weight that the shelving will be holding and divide this between the number of anchors you will be using. The resulting number should be within the range suggested on the anchor's manufacturer packaging.

Secure your chosen anchors and position your basement shelving onto them. Use a spirit level to adjust the shelving accordingly. Make sure that the shelving is placed on the correct anchors; otherwise, it will be very difficult to tighten them securely. If the shelving is too heavy, ask someone to help you put it on the anchors.

Step 5 - Securing the Shelving to the Concrete Wall

Place the washer over the bolt and tighten it with the socket wrench and nut. Repeat this process for all of the anchors. Make sure the shelving is secure. It is very important not to over-tighten the nuts, otherwise they may break.