How to Select Ceramic Tile Underlayment

The type of ceramic tile underlayment that you select for your walkway or flooring project can dramatically affect the lifespan and the quality of your work. The underlayment itself is a guard against moisture, heat and other potentially damaging elements that would otherwise affect the tile. A good underlayment should be sturdy and supportive of the ceramic tile, and should most importantly serve to protect the tile well against these types of exposure and damage.

Important Quality of a Good Underlayment

The single most important factor to consider when purchasing an underlayment for your tiling project is that the underlayment material be able to withstand water. Regardless of where you live or where you're installing the tile, there is likely to be water in the area at some point throughout the course of the tile's lifetime. Water can crack and break ceramic tile when it is exposed in even small quantities; thus, a waterproof underlayment is key.

Other Considerations

Good underlayment should also be light and easy to manipulate. This will make the installation procedure much easier to complete. Some types of underlayment feature locking pieces that provide ease of use and secure fits over the foundation at one time.