How to Semi Cascade a Bonsai Tree

A semi cascade bonsai tree grows either horizontally or downward. The tip of the tree should be at or just below the level of the edge of the pot.

Bent Tree

You may be able to find a plant that already has a bend in the trunk that suits this style. With this type of tree, you only need to complete the style. Branches should begin horizontal to the trunk, no matter its angle. Trim branches at the base of the trunk and seal the cuts.

Straight Tree

If you have a bonsai that stands upright, use wiring to control the direction of growth. Soft wooded plants are easiest to train in this manner. Begin wrapping the wire from the base of the trunk and anchor the wire at the tip by turning it back 90 degrees. Bend gradually, stopping at any visible or audible indication that the trunk is about to break.

It will take several years for you to complete the full bend, a little bit each year. Use wire wrapped from the base of the branches to the tips to guide the angle of the branches. Again, bend slowly, letting each change stabilize and heal before bending the branches further.