How to Set a Toilet Ring After Tiling a Bathroom Floor

  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-70
What You'll Need
Large wad of towels or newspaper
New wax toilet ring with plastic sleeve
4 new toilet flange bolts
Carpenter's level
Plastic leveling shims
The toilet ring is a thick wax circle that fits into the toilet flange to keep the toilet level and form an airtight seal, preventing sewer gases from coming up the sewer pipes into your bathroom. Careful placement of the toilet ring is essential for the health of your family. Follow the directions provided below to set the toilet ring into the flange after tiling the floor.

Step 1 - Seal the Drain Hole Before You Start Work

Stuff a large wad of old towels or newspaper into the drain hole in the floor bordered by the toilet flange to keep sewer gas from rising into the room, as well as to prevent tools and fasteners from falling into the drain.

Step 2 - Adjust the Toilet Flange Height to the New Floor

Once you've removed the necessary toilet parts and pull up your old floor, replace it with the new floor. Once the new floor has had the proper time to set, measure the difference between the flange and the floor. You might need to purchase a flange extender to make sure the toilet will be flush with the floor after the wax ring is installed.

Step 3 - Remove the Old Toilet Flange Bolts

If you are installing a new ring and toilet over an existing toilet flange, remove the old bolts and discard them. They will not hold the wax toilet ring down tightly enough for it to provide sanitary protection from sewer gas.

Step 4 - Attach the Toilet Ring to the Toilet Bowl Base

Turn the toilet bowl base upside down and hold it steady. Grasp the wax toilet ring and press the wax top of the ring around the outlet horn close to the back of the base. The plastic sleeve will fit snugly into the drain opening. Remove the newspaper or towels from the drain opening in the floor.

Step 5 - Place the Toilet Bowl Base on the Toilet Flange

Carefully turn the base right side up and keep it up off the floor. You and your assistant must carry it to the toilet flange and align it so the bolt holes in the base are directly over the bolts in the toilet flange. Do this part slowly and carefully so you do not jostle the flange bolts out of their holes. Set the base firmly on the flange to compress the wax toilet ring.

Step 6 - Level the Toilet Bowl and Secure It to the Floor

Set the carpenter's level along the top of the bowl from front to back and check for correct leveling. Use only plastic shims to level the toilet bowl. Fasten the bolts carefully alternating from front to back and each side to maintain the level. Hand tighten the bolts until they resist turning. Turn once more with the adjustable wrench to achieve the correct tightness.