How to Set an Anchor Bolt Using Epoxy

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  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100
What You'll Need
Protective glasses
Hammer drill
Masonry bit
Electrical tape
Wire brush (round)
Air bulb
Epoxy (structural grade)
Epoxy anchor bolt (nut included)

An anchor bolt is used for a variety of purposes, including anchoring tents and securing heavy pieces of art or other display items to your concrete walls. An anchor bolt set with epoxy creates a strong point of connection between the concrete and the bolt, but this will only be true if the epoxy has been properly used. If the anchor bolts should fail, it can cause physical harm to people as well as damage to the property.

Step 1 - Make the Hole

Read the guide that accompanies the epoxy anchor bolt. This will alert you to any warnings specific to that bolt. It will also tell you which masonry bit you will need to use to make the proper hole. Prior to making the hole, make sure you do not do so in old, brittle gunite concrete. The temperature should also be above 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hammer drill should be set with the proper drill bit and the depth gauge also set to the correct depth. The drill bit should be wrapped in electrical tape. Make sure the tape is level with the gauge depth you set. This will serve as another way to judge depth. Place the bit against the concrete where you plan to drill. Once the depth gauge and the tape line up with the concrete you may cease drilling. If the tape reaches the concrete before the bit, then stop drilling. This indicates that the gauge moved while drilling.

Step 2 - Clean the Hole

The hole must be cleaned in order for the anchor bolt to set properly. Use a wire brush and twist it into the drilled hole. Remove it and continue doing this until no more large pieces of concrete remain in the hole. Place the end of the air bulb into the hole and force the air into it to remove any remaining dust. Continue until no more dust blows out of the hole.

Step 3 - Add the Epoxy

Brands of structural epoxy vary and often consist of two parts. Each part is required in order to make the epoxy work. It is paramount that you read and follow the instructions carefully for the brand you selected. Begin filling the drilled hole with the epoxy by beginning at the back of the hole and working toward the front. Only fill the hole about halfway unless otherwise noted in the instructions.

Step 4 - Set the Anchor Bolt

Place the anchor bolt into the hole and turn it clockwise. You want to make sure it is properly coated with the epoxy, so five to ten turns should be sufficient. Now, turn the nut on the anchor bolt down the bolt towards the concrete's surface. There should be no epoxy between the anchor bolt nut and the surface of the concrete. Allow the epoxy to cure before using the anchor bolt.