How to Set Up a Cement Pool Deck Foundation

What You'll Need
Bags of concrete
PVC drain lines
Pool edge covers
Rough sandpaper
Keystone Kool deck powder

Many families which have a pool in their backyard usually prefer a cement pool deck rather than other materials such as wood or bricks since it does not require a lot of maintenance. However, cement pool decks can make a beautiful environment if they are set up correctly and carefully. Thus, here are some steps to follow in order to create your own cement pool deck. Please notice that the materials needed depend on the size of your deck area so remember to take a professional advice before buying the materials.

(Rental Tools)

  • Concrete mixer
  • Concrete vibrator

Step 1 – Drainage System

To set up the deck, the pool must be installed a couple of weeks earlier and should be allowed to settle. Then the first thing to do is to set up the drainage system and here is required some thinking. Make sure that you design the drainage system wisely since it is going to be covered by concrete later on. You can use extruded PVC drain lines to allow some expansion and contraction.

Step 2 – Cover the Pool Edges

The concrete deck will completely overhang the pool so before pouring the cement, the edges of the pool must be covered in order to prevent any cement dropping in the pool. In addition, these covers will also create nice and smooth edges that will certainly embellish the pool.

Step 3 – Pour the Concrete

Since a lot of concrete is required, it is recommended to use a concrete truck mixer service from which you can pump the cement to the deck area. The concrete should first be poured along the edges of the pool and then spread throughout the whole deck area. The cement then must be smoothed using a concrete vibrator to create a flat surface.

Step 4 – Put in the Joints

Immediately after leveling the concrete, the controller joints should be put in for crack control. When the concrete sets up, it undergoes a tremendous amount of shrinkage so these joints will help to weaken the concrete so that it will have a control brake. Then the cement must be left to harden for a couple of days in order to continue with the project.

Step 5 – Remove the Covers

Now that the deck has hardened, you can remove the pool edge covers by simply pulling them out. Hence, you can finish the edges by giving them a finishing touch using a piece of rough sandpaper. Otherwise, you can also remove the edges before the cement hardens completely and smooth them up while the cement is still soft. You can also remove the controller joints.

Step 6 – Add Some Color

If you wish to give some color to your deck you can use Keystone Kool deck powder which consists of a mix of organic substances. This powder is eventually mixed and applied directly to the concrete in order to bonds together as one unit. This material will also create a non-slipping surface to your cement pool deck.

At this point, you can use your own imagination to decorate this deck making it a place of relaxation where you can spend time with your family and friends.