How to Set Up a Saltwater Fishing Reel

What You'll Need
Saltwater Fishing Rod
Saltwater Fishing Reel
Monofilament Line
Braided Fishing Line

There is a large difference between a freshwater fishing reel and a saltwater fishing reel. The most notable difference is in the size of the reel itself. A saltwater fishing reel is tasked with the responsibility of holding together to land the large fish caught in the ocean. Depending on the actual type of fish, the reel will need to be bigger or smaller. 

Setting up a saltwater fishing reel, however, is going to be the same as any other reel. It is a straightforward task that any fisherman should know how to do.

Step 1: Open Reel Seat on Rod

Before you start to set up the saltwater fishing line you will want to have a solid place to work. Open up the reel seat on the fishing rod and position the reel on it. Close the bottom retaining nut on the reel seat and secure the reel into position. This will give you a way to hold onto the reel and also keep a straight line as you reel it in.

Step 2: Tie Arbor Knot on Reel

For the beginning of the saltwater fishing reel you will use the monofilament line as a backing. Begin to tie the arbor knot by running about 10 inches of line around the reel. Tie an overhand knot with the free end (or the tag end) of the line around the main portion of the line. Tie another overhand knot just below the first and pull it down tight over the spool. This will hold the line in place.

Step 3: Reel in Line

The monofilament line is not going to be the main line of your saltwater fishing reel. It is used only for backing and to let you know when you have let out too much line. You should reel in at least 30 yards of the monofilament line. Once you have that amount, then cut it clean with some sharp scissors.

Step 4: Attach Braided Line

Take the end of the monofilament line and overlap it with the end of the braided line for about six inches. Hold the two lines in the center where they intersect. Turn the end of the mono line into a small loop. Twist the end of the mono line around the two lines working towards the loop. You should make five to six twists of the line. The twists should be around both lines and inside the loop that you made with the mono line.

Step 5: Complete Knot

Pull the free end of the mono line through the loop and tighten it around the main line and the mono line. Repeat this process with the braided fishing line.

Step 6: Wind Braided Line on Reel

To finish setting up your saltwater fishing reel you will need to finishing filling it with the braided line. With the knots tight, apply some tension to the braided line. It works much better if you have already threaded the line through the eyelets on the pole. Then the line is straight as you reel it in. Continue reeling it in until the spool is full of line.