How to Set Up an Outdoor Christmas Tree

Setting an outdoor Christmas tree requires more thoughtful planning and considerations because the tree will be subjected to the elements, like wind snow dirt, rain and heat. You will also need to design and decorate your tree so that it can be easily viewed from a distance. Unlike an indoor Christmas tree that can be seen upclose, the outdoor tree will be viewed by people that are passing by your home and do not have the time to inspect the tree closely. Here are more things that you need to know about setting up this kind of Christmas tree.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Christmas tree
  • Sturdy Christmas tree stand
  • Christmas tree ornaments and garland
  • Outdoor lights

Step 1 – Choose a Christmas tree

For an outdoor setting, you can either decorate an existing tree in your yard or buy an artificial tree.  Decorating an existingl tree is usually the best choice because it saves you time, effort and money. If you decide to buy an artificial tree, you can also build one yourself.

Step 2 – Build the Christmas tree

If you’re going to use a tree from the yard, you can skip this step. Otherwise, the first thing you need to do is to unpack the Christmas tree parts from the box. Remove each piece carefully and place them on the ground. Start with the base of the tree. Attach the bottom section to the tree stand, and then work your way up. Fluff the branches then insert one by one into the holes to finish the tree.

Step 3 – Decorate the tree

The first item that should be added to the tree should be lights. Start with the lower branches and slowly work your up the tree. Make sure that you use outdoor lights only. This is important because the lights will be safe, even in rain or snow. After the lights are done, wrap garland around the tree. Be sure that you do not overlap the lights.

Use sparkly garlands that are a contrasting color to the tree. For example, use dark hues, like blue and red if your tree is a light color. Use thick garland that can be seen from a far distance. Use large ornaments that are sturdy, like plastic. Decorate the ornaments, randomly around the tree. Use the tips of the branches where the ornaments can be viewed easily. Finish off the look by placing wrapped Christmas boxes below the tree and topping the tree with a large star ornament or angel figurine.  

An outdoor Christmas tree can instantly brighten up the facade of your home. Whether you are going to use a fresh tree or an artificial one, you can expect that it will give your home a festive feel that is just right for the holidays.