How to Set up Horse Corral Panels

What You'll Need
Spirit level
Tape measure
Post hole digger spade
Horse corral panels

If you have a horse, you know how difficult it can be to keep one in place, but horse corral panels are the ideal solution to the problems of keeping a horse in one location. There are many different types of horse fence, but corral panels are tough and durable, and can be painted to avoid the harsh metal glare that can put off some owners. Rather than installing a type of fencing that is not appropriate for your horse, setting up horse corral panels can help you keep your animal safe. Installing these large items can sometimes be a little daunting, but so long as you are prepared to put in a little effort, you should be able to set up corral panels to protect your horse.

Step 1 - Planning

Before you start building the corral, it is a good idea to plan where you will be putting the panels. Choose a place that is suitably large for your horse, and which will be easily drained. You may also want to make it large enough to contain a trailer or van. Begin with something that is around 30 feet by 100 feet, and if you have enough room, expand the corral to fit the space. Now you should mark on your plans where you want the gate to be. This will need to be a minimum of 10 feet across, but people often choose to make the gate out of one side of the corral, for convenience. You should also choose a place that is near to the feed, but not so close that the horse can reach out its head and help itself to a meal.

Step 2 - Set up Your First Panel

Your horse corral panels should be made out of strong materials such as steel or thick wood, which the horse cannot easily bust through. Start at the side that will contain the gate, and place one of the stakes into the ground using your hammer. Extend the tape measure through the length of the panel, and then place another stake at that point. Repeat for the other corners.

Step 3 - Add the Posts

You should then measure the diameter of your posts and mark on the ground the diameter of the dig. You will then be able to use the post hole cutter to cut out the post hole. Drive down your post. Add concrete if you are using this method. You need to set another pole 5 feet away to keep the first post stable. Nail the two posts together.

Step 4 - Add the Panels

Add the panels by hanging them onto the posts. You may wish to secure the posts together with string or barbless wire in order to provide them with extra strength. Add the gate, and then secure the rest of the panels in the same way, keeping the posts even and supporting the panels as necessary.