How to Set Up Spacing for a Cement Block Deck

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Soil and gravel
Construction stakes

While making a cement deck is not easy, it is one of the most popular home improvement projects that homeowners take up. A deck can be made as a small extension to the family room, or it can be built outdoors, in a room big enough for an outdoor party. Most people build single level decks, but others create a more varied environment with multi-level decks. In fact, decks can be made in different ways, from simple decks that can be laid by novices to elaborate projects for the more experienced home improvers. It is, however, very important to learn the basics of deck construction to build a sturdy and strong deck space. If you have your basics planned out, making a deck can be extremely gratifying.

The first thing is to set up enough spacing for your cement block deck so that it is sturdy and is not in the way of anything. Here’s how you can set up the spacing for a cement block deck.

Step 1 – Planning

The first step in the planning is to find the right location in your house where you can build a sturdy deck. It is important to first determine the primary use of the deck, based on which the dimensions will be planned. If the deck is going to be used as a private sunbathing or cooking area, modest dimensions will suffice. However, if you plan to use the deck for parties or general landscaping, you will need to consider the dimensions more carefully. Also consider whether you want your deck in the sunlight or in the shade. Sun exposure is vital in determining the location of your deck.

Step 2 – Determining the Dimensions

Your dimensions will be determined primarily by the use that you want to put your deck to. Usually the most common size is 10 X 10 feet; however, this can change according to your convenience and the deck size that you deem fit for your requirements. Depending on the size and the height of the deck, you may have to apply for special permits.

Step 3 – Taking Measurements

Use a measuring tape to take down the measurements of the platform deck. Measure the length and the breadth and also keep in mind the height of the deck. Most people like to have the height of the deck not more than one full step. Allow the deck to rest slightly lower than your door to the exterior.

Step 4 – Preparing the Space for Building Site

Using a broom, clear away the debris. You may even have to level the ground. For this, you will need a rake and a shovel. Add soil or gravel to the ground to make it leveled to your preference. Based on your measurements for the space for the deck, mark the perimeter by placing construction stakes on the four corners of the space and then winding construction twine around them to make a close perimeter.