How to Set Up Your Christmas Tree

For your home or family, the holiday season might not be complete without a Christmas tree. While each tree is unique and can be decorated according to preference, there are a few basic things each one needs. Follow the simple steps to get started.

Tools and Materials

  • Christmas tree
  • Lights
  • Ornaments such as balls, stars and candy canes 
  • Gift-wrapped boxes
  • Tree topper like a star or angel figure
  • Metal basin or terracotta pot
  • Sheet

Step 1 – Buy Christmas Tree

To begin, you must decide whether you want a fresh tree or an artificial tree. Each has its own pros and cons. For example, the artificial tree is safer, cleaner, reusable and cheaper. It’s also easier to maintain. On the other hand, a fresh tree is more aesthetically appealing and provides oxygen to your home. In addition, a real tree is biodegradable and recyclable. Study both options thoroughly so you can pick what’s suitable for you and your home.

Step 2 – Put It Out and Build

When you have decided on which tree to get, you can now start setting it up. If you’re going to use the artificial one, remove it from the box to start assembly. Start at the base of the tree and then work your way up by inserting the branches one by one. Fluff out the branches to make the tree look full.

If you have a real tree, start by cutting the bottom part of the trunk to remove dried sap. Put it into a tree stand, preferably one with 4 spouts. Put the stand into a heavy metal basin or terracotta pot filled with water. There should be a wide sheet under the basin to catch the needles from the tree. Check water daily since a fresh tree can absorb as much as one gallon of water every day.

Step 3 – Adorn with Lights

To ensure that the lights are sufficient for the tree, keep this rule in mind: a 4 to 5 foot tree needs 200 to 500 lights, a 6 to 7 foot tree needs 500 to 700 lights, and so on. Before you install the lights, try them first to see if they are working. Wrap them around the tree carefully. Be especially careful with the fresh tree since there is water inside the basin where it’s standing. Don’t let the lights come in contact with the water.

Step 4 – Decorate with Ornaments and Garland

Once the lights are properly installed around the tree, the next one to put into the Christmas tree is the garland. Wrap it around the tree as well. Be careful not to overlap with the lights. After that, add other decors like Christmas balls, stars, angels, candy canes, miniature wreaths, mistletoe and so on. Complete the look by topping the tree with an angel figurine or a star.