How to Sew a Quilted Table Runner

What You'll Need
Sewing machine
Sewing needle
3 yards of fabric of the design of your choice
3 yards of plain fabric for the backing
Pen and paper
Ironing board

A quilted table runner is an ideal addition to any table which is perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. These table runners can be made using seasonal colored fabrics to make them look fantastic. It's also possible to use table runners for lots of different occasions throughout the year.

If you are considering making a quilted table runner for everyday use then you will find that using cotton or poly materials will be the best options. For occasional use, silk materials are fantastic ways to add an extra flair to any dining table.

Step 1 - Measuring the Table Runner

First, you need to measure the length of the table that you want the runner designed for. When you have worked out the length of the table you then need to add 36 inches on to the length of the table. Also measure the width of the runner that you want. This will depend on how much of the table you want to cover with the quilted table runner.

Make sure that you write all of these dimensions down accurately so that you don't risk making a mistake. The size of the table runner will differ depending on the size of the table. You will then need to purchase different lengths and widths of materials.

Step 2 - Preparing

Now you will need to iron the fabrics you will be using for the top and bottom. Make sure that both pieces of material are flat and lay them out on a large table. You can then use tailor's chalk to mark the dimensions and lines to cut the material to the right size.

It is important that the fabric is completely flat so that it's very easy to work with. If there are any creases in the fabric then this can make it very easy to make mistakes or errors by accident.

Step 3 - Cutting the Fabric

Once you have marked the size of the runner on the 2 pieces of fabric you can cut the size out. The easiest way to do this is by using a pair of very sharp scissors. Don't cut right on the lines however, you need to allow an inch right the way around the border so that you can stitch the runner.

When cutting the fabric it's important to work slowly and ensure that you don't accidentally make a mistake.

Step 4 - Making a Pocket

Make a pocket by stitching the 2 pieces of fabric together so that they face each other and the wrong side is on the outside. Once you have stitched around 3 edges of the quilting you then need to turn it inside out. This will form a pocket which can then be stuffed using quilting material.

Use the walking foot on your sewing machine to quilt your table runner. Once you have finished filling the pocket you should stitch the end of the open pocket to seal it shut.