How to Sew a Tutu

What You'll Need
4 yards of colored tulle
matching thread
glitter spray or sequins (optional)

You can learn how to sew a tutu in just a few short steps. These steps will allow you to easily make a tutu that is foolproof and beautiful. It can be made either using a sewing machine or without. The following instructions outline both methods.

Method 1: Sewing a Tutu Without a Sewing Machine

To begin the tutu lay out the tulle and fold it in half so that the two ends touch. Next, thread a needle with the matching thread. Start at one end of the tulle approximately 2 inches from the top with the fold facing down. Start to gather the tulle accordion style in 4- to 5-inch sections. Gathering the tulle in this manner will give the tutu volume and shape. Insert the needle into the gathered section and pull it though. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you are at the end of the tulle. Join the two ends together and stitch them closed to finish the tutu. To embellish the tutu use glitter spray for sparkle or sew sequins on for an added touch.

Method 2: Sewing a Tutu with a Sewing Machine

Thread the sewing machine with the matching thread. When pulling the thread though the needle make sure to leave a long length at the end. You will be using the thread at the end of the project. Next, fold the tulle in half with the two ends touching. Position one end of the tulle under the sewing needle leaving a 2-inch band along the top.

Without doing a back stitch sew along the length of the tulle. When you reach the end of the tulle leave a long piece of thread. The thread will be used at the end of the project.Take the tulle out of the machine. Grasp both long pieces of thread make sure that they are even. Pull the pieces of thread toward you while pushing the tulle away from you along the piece of thread. This will create a gathered affect. When the entire length of tulle has been gathered, join the ends together. Put the ends back into the machine and sew a seam to create the finished tutu. Use glitter spray or sequins to embellish the tutu and add a unique touch.

Two additional embellishment ideas that will add even more flair to your tutu are as follows:

Using Flower Petals

Once the tulle has been folded in half sprinkle dried or fake flower petals into the fold. Continue stitching or sewing the tutu as described above. This embellishment can be done for either method, sewing with or without a sewing machine.

Using Ribbon

To begin lay the tulle out flat.  Using fabric tape or a sewing machine attach a length of ribbon to the folded side of the tulle. Continue stitching or sewing the tulle as described above.

Whether you are creating a tutu for a princess or a ballerina the steps and techniques above will allow you to create a beautiful garment that is unique and special.