How to Sew Bay Window Coverings

What You'll Need
Sewing Machine

Bay window coverings are basically curtains that must cover a wide area comprised of three windows. Since the bay window is really three windows in one, they can cover a wide expanse. This means that some curtains are not going to be large enough to cover the entire window. Another particular bay window problem is that they protrude from the wall and usually have a window seat in front them. There are two options in bay window coverings. You can have three individual curtains or one large curtain. Here is some instruction on how to sew your own curtains for the bay window.

Step 1: Measure the Bay Windows

If you are going to create the three different bay window coverings you will need to start by measuring each segment, or window. Your measurement will be for the finished product only. The length of the bay window coverings should stop at least one inch above any window seats or other furniture.

Step 2: Cut Fabric

For each individual unit in the bay window you will need to cut two pieces of fabric. For the width of each of the fabric panels you should add in another 1.5 times the width that you measured. For the length of each of the individual pieces of fabric you will need to add either 8 inches to the overall length for standard sized curtain rods, or 12 inches for larger, more decorative rods. Cut the fabric with a sharp pair of scissors or fabric cutter that will give you straight edges without any fraying or rips.

Step 3: Make Hems

One each one of the pieces of fabric that you are using for the bay window coverings you will need to sew hems for straight edges. Fold over 1/2 inch of material on each side to cover the raw edges of the fabric. Once that is completed, then fold over another 2 inches and iron them straight and flat. Set up your sewing machine and sew the hem in all the way around the fabric. 

Step 4: Make Top Hem

Once you have finished with the side hems you can finish off the tops of the bay window coverings. On the top of the fabric fold in 1/2 inch of material to hide the raw material and fold down another 2 inches of fabric for a standard curtain rod. If you are going to be using a larger diameter curtain rod, fold the fabric down 4 inches. Iron the fabric flat and sew with your sewing machine.

Step 5: Finish Bottom Hem

To create the bottom hem of the bay window coverings you only need to fold the material in 1/2 inch and then another 3 inches. Iron the material flat and sew it together. 

Step 6: Repeat Steps for Each Covering

Once you have the first set of bay window coverings sewn together you can repeat the process for each of the remaining sets. 

Step 7: Iron and Hang

With all of the bay window coverings completed, you will need to iron them so they will hang straight. Afterward, you can hang them on your curtain rods.