How to Sew Buttons onto a Decorative Pillow

What You'll Need
A spool of thread
Fabric for intended pillow

A quick and easy way to enhance a decorative pillow is to sew buttons for an added tailored look. Although buttons may seem difficult to affix to a fabric, any amateur seamstress can do it.

Step 1 - Thread Your Needle and Place the Button

A button is a small ornament so it will be necessary to hand-sew it to the pillow. Thread your needle, and knot the thread. Next, decide where you will place your button on the pillow.

Step 2 - Thread Through the Button Holes to Attach the Button to the Pillow

 Pull your needle from the bottom of the fabric upwards. The knot will stop underneath the fabric. Pull the needle through one hole, then sew down through the hole diagonally across from the first threaded hole.

Next, pull the needle up through the hole above the second threaded hole. Finally, bring the needle through the hole situated across from the third threaded hole. Repeat the entire threading process two to three times to secure the button firmly in place.

Once the button is fastened, tie your loose ends in a knot underneath the fabric and trim the thread if necessary.