How to Sew Letters onto a Letterman's Jacket

What You'll Need
Sewing Needle
Letterman's Jacket

There is not much involved in when you sew letters to a letterman's jacket. A letterman's jacket is worn by athletes and others who have achieved honors in both athletics and in some schools, academics. The letterman's jackets letters are made with a felt-like material that can be easily sewn onto a letter jacket, indicating your student's accomplishments with pride.

To sew letter on a letterman's jacket, you need a sewing kit that contains a large sewing needle and thread. It is better to sew letters to a letterman's jacket by hand rather than with a machine. However, If you are able to use a sewing machine skillfully, you may want to consider it.

Step 1: Purchase a Letterman's Jacket

You need to purchase a letterman's jacket that matches the style and colors of the school that your child attends. The jacket can be purchased from the school, as well as online or at a sporting goods store that sells clothing and other apparel.

Step 2: Prepare Needle and Thread

With the letterman's jacket in hand, you need to prepare a sewing needle and thread to apply the letter to the letterman's jacket. You want to use a large needle in order to puncture through the felt material of the jacket and the letter, in order to stitch it on. Thread the needle by placing it through the eye, located on the head of the needle. Secure the threat with a small knot in order to stitch the letter on the jacket.

You should use a double threading method by doubling up the thread and tying a knot at the bottom. This will give you additional strength and make sewing the letter to the jacket easier.

Step 3: Affix Letter to the Jacket

Place the letter on the jacket and pinch the jacket to cause the felt outer part to bead up. This will allow you to access the part of the jacket that the letter will be attached to, as oppose to sewing the letter to the inner part of the jacket. Take the needle and the thread and stitch the letter to the jacket, using small loops that are sewn next to each other. Continue this process around the entire letter until you have completed the stitching.  

Step 4: Clean the Jacket

Cut the remaining thread from the needle and any excess thread from the letter. Give the letter a small tug to make sure that it is attached tightly to the letterman's jacket. Once you have made sure that the letter is properly attached securely to the letterman's jacket, take the jacket to a dry cleaners to have it cleaned. This will make sure that the letter is properly affixed and the jacket ready to be worn.