How to Sew Rick Rack

What You'll Need
Rick rack
Hot glue gun or fabric glue stick
Sewing machine
Fabric pen
Measuring tape
Garment or fabric

Rick rack is used to add a simple trim to any number of sewing projects. Easy to apply, rick rack may be the perfect way to enhance your new sewing project.

What is Rick Rack?

Rick rack is a flat braid which can be attached to fabric in order to decorate a piece of clothing or a craft item. This fabric trim comes in many lengths, colors and widths which makes it a convenient option for projects. Often found on doll’s clothing and on smaller craft items, rick rack can also be used to add charm to clothing. Rick rack can also be used on other craft projects. For example, this trim can help to accentuate photo album covers.

Step 1 – Determine the Placement of the Trim

The first thing to do is to place the rick rack on the fabric. You can move the rick rack around, creating designs and even lettering. Note that when you twist the rick rack, it can bunch up, which will not sit well on a flat piece of fabric. Take time to lay the rick rack in several places before you make the final decision, marking the fabric with a pen to show where the pieces should rest. Pin the pieces to the fabric or use fabric glue to help secure the pieces for sewing.

Step 2 – Attach Rick Rack to the Fabric

Simply gluing the rick rack to fabric will work well for projects which are not to be worn or that will not be moved or twisted. But if you’re creating a project which might be stretched, you need to secure the rick rack with stitches. Use a sewing machine to sew along the middle of the rick rack with a zigzag stitch. The ends of the rick rack will fray, so they need to be sewn under the fabric as opposed to simply cut off at the edges.

Step 3 – Use Rick Rack on Seams

If you want to add rick rack to seams, start by placing the rick rack on the seams, pinning it into place or using a pen to mark its placement. Use a basting stitch on a sewing machine to attach the rick rack on the fabric, allowing one seam to be complete. Bring the other side of the seam to the fabric and attach with the opposing seam. Once the seams are secure, then sew the rick rack down again to hide the seam completely.

Rick rack is an attractive addition to costumes as well as to holiday outfits which require a bit more sparkle. With some trim, you can also hide errors and uneven stitches.