How to Sew Tab Top Curtains

How to Sew Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains are curtains that have decorative loops at the top to run the curtain rod through instead of a traditional pocket. The decorative loops or tabs of the curtain can be made from fabric or ribbon. These steps will allow you to create tab top curtains that add a homemade touch to your decor.

1. Taking Measurements

The first step is to measure the window on which you will be hanging your tab top curtains. Measure the width of the window and add 4 inches to the total measurement. This will allow for a 2-inch seam on each side of the curtain. Next, measure the length of the window. Double the measurement so that you will be able to get the proper yardage of fabric. Add 4 inches to this measurement as well to allow for a 2-inch seam on both the top and bottom of the curtain.

2. Choosing Fabric and Tabs

The second step to sewing tab top curtains is choosing the fabric. You must consider the color scheme in your room when choosing a patterned or solid fabric to make the curtains from. Choose fabrics that are light weight and will flow well when hung. You must also choose a light-weight fabric to use as the lining of the curtain as well. Remember to have an extra yard of fabric cut if you are choosing a strip or patterned fabric to match the design. When choosing the material for the tabs consider the colors in the fabric you chose. If you are using the same fabric as in the curtain purchase an extra yard of the fabric. If you are going to use ribbon it is best to buy by the spool and make sure there is at least 9 feet of ribbon.

3. Sewing the Tab Top Curtains

Have the measurements of the window handy when you begin. First fold the fabric for both the curtains and the lining in half and make a mark at the fold. Cut the fabric in half at the fold. This will create two separate curtain panels. Next, put one piece of the lining fabric and one piece of the curtain fabric and put it together with right sides facing. Sew 2 inches in from both sides and 2 inches in from the bottom of the fabric. Do not sew the top of the curtain panel closed. Repeat this process for both curtain panels. Open the curtain panel and fold the top of the curtain fabric and lining in toward the center of the curtain 2 inches to form a hem. Sew the hem closed. To secure the tabs to the curtain make a mark every 2 inches on the fabric. Cut the fabric pieces or ribbon into 5 inch strips. Sew the tabs every 2 inches apart to form a row for the curtain rod to be passed through.

Hang the curtain panels in the window. With these simple steps you are able to create tab top curtains that add a unique touch to your decor. For a bit of interest consider sewing multiple pairs of curtains to change with the seasons.

Have the measurements of the window handy when beginning the project.