How to Sharpen a Metal Chop Saw Blade

What You'll Need
Chop saw blade
Knife sharpening tool
Dusting cloth
Liquid cleaner
Dustpan and brush

The chop saw, or miter saw, is  a common tool used to cut metal or wood for supports, home improvements, or plumbing. If you have a chop saw with an expensive blade, then rather than replacing it when it becomes blunt, you may be able to sharpen it. There are 2 ways in which you can choose to have the metal chop saw blade sharpened, and the most usual method is to take it to a professional tool making shop and have them sharpen the blade for you. You may, however, decide that this is too costly for your wallet, and instead you will prefer to put a sharpened point on the blade yourself.

Step 1 - Prepare the Blade

Before you sharpen the blade, you will need to ensure that it is in good condition generally. Cleaning the blade ensures that you can check the rest of the blade for rust or corrosion, which would suggest that you need a new blade, and it also provides a clean surface on which to work, preventing dirt and debris from clogging up your system. Taking care around the side of the blade, wipe over the surface using some liquid cleaner and a dusting cloth. Take care to avoid putting your fingers anywhere near the blade, as although it is blunt for cutting metals, it is still sharp enough to harm your skin.

Step 2 - Before Sharpening

When you are ready to begin sharpening, take a handful of your sawdust, and rub it into the edge of the knife sharpening tool. This tool is usually a round metal stick with a handle at one end, and a tapered point at the other. You can also purchase sharpening tools which have handles at both ends, and this would be the ideal device for this process. In order to make the most out of your sharpening tool, it should be as new as possible, Kitchen sharpening tools are also acceptable for this process, although they may not sharpen as effectively as a handyman's knife sharpening tool.

Step 3 - Sharpen the Blade

Once you have put sawdust around the blade, put the sharpening tool against the tip of the blade. The blade and the tool should form a cross in their relative positions, for example the tool being vertical while the chop saw blade is vertical. Run the tool around the edge of the blade, taking care to pass over each of the pieces. Repeat this process as often as necessary. You should see a new, shiny metal appear on the edge of the blade as you take off the blunt metal.

Step 4 - Tidy Up

Once you have finished the sharpening, you will need to brush off the blade, and the surrounding sides. This is to prevent metal shards from being present as you are working. Sweep up all of the shards from your sharpening, and test the blade to make sure that it is now sharp enough.