How to Shingle a Square Hip Roof

What You'll Need
Chalk line
Permanent marker
Roof jacks
Asphalt cap shingles for hip roofs
Shingle nailing gun
Shingle nails
Roofing cement
Blade cutter

Putting shingles on your square hip roof takes time, patience and a head for heights. The square hip roof, fitted over a square house, has four steeply sloped sides like a pyramid.

Step 1: Place Main Shingles on Each Peak

Start from the lowest edge of the roof and mark the shingle paths up the peak and the hips with a chalk line and permanent marker. Lay the shingles and secure them in place with a shingle nailing gun, and the long flat-headed nails made for shingles. Insert a line of roof jacks to help secure your footing as you reach the top of each peak.

Step 2: Align and Fasten the Hip Shingles

The shingles used for the roof hips, the diagonal ridge between each roof side are square and have a slight fold in the middle. Align them carefully on top of each other, with the bottom shingle reaching out 1/8 inch beyond the roof hip corner. Nail the hip shingles down on each side with the shingle nailing gun. Trim off the triangular dog ears of the first shingle with a blade cutter.