How to Shorten Wooden Venetian Blinds

What You'll Need

If you have recently purchased wooden venetian blinds you may need to shorten them now that they are hung. By doing this yourself you can save a lot of money over custom length blinds. It is a very easy job.

Step 1: Measure the Length

Pull and release the cord that controls the up and down motion of the blind to allow it to extend to the full length. Use a piece of tape to mark which slat is the last one above where you want the blind to rest.

Step 2: Shortening the Blind

You will notice small plugs or screw like caps on the bottom of the heavy panel that extends across the base of the blind. Remove these plugs. Then remove all of the slats from the bottom upward, until you reach the slat you have taped. The string framework of the blind will be hanging. Cut it, so there is about 2 inches hanging, then reinsert the bottom panel. Wrap the strings around the panel and poke the ends into the holes where the plug goes. Insert the plug and push in tightly.

Be sure to save the removed slats, in case your blind is ever damaged. You may also want to shorten the pull cord, as it now may be too long.