How to Shovel Snow off the Roof

If you live in a part of the country that gets a lot of annual snow, you have probably had to shovel snow several times throughout the winter. One vulnerable place that accumulates a lot of snow is the roof of your home. All of that weight can stress a roof tremendously. That is why shoveling snow off of the roof is an important part of winter maintenance. It’s necessary to get the bulk of it off, but it’s also important to stay safe while doing it.

Shoveling Snow Off of Your Roof

For the job, you will need a ladder and a snow shovel, but a tool that can reach far (like a garden hoe) may come in handy, too. Set the ladder up against the gutter or the slope of the roof. Have a spotter below help to stabilize the ladder, but be sure to warn them that snow will come raining down. Once atop the ladder, extend the snow shovel as far as you can reach and pull the snow back towards you. Do not slide the shovel up the roof, as this could damage the shingles. Only run the shovel down the slope of the roof.

With a garden hoe or rake you may be able to reach farther up the roof and pull more snow towards you, although neither tool is as wide as a snow shovel.

Safety is the most important issue when shoveling snow off of your roof. Unless you are in no danger whatsoever you should not climb a snow-covered roof. Roof jacks are not advisable as they damage the roof. Other fall protectors such as safety lines are recommended if you are going to climb the roof and shovel the snow off.