How to Size Your Speaker Cabinet

What You'll Need
A table saw
A drill
Wood sealant

A speaker cabinet is an important enclosure for your sound amplifier. Not necessarily cheap to purchase, they can be resized if you are not satisfied with what you already have. To save you money, here’s a simple way to go about resizing your cabinet.

Step 1- Take Measurements

Take measurements of your revamped cabinet.

Step 2 - Cut the Cabinet

Pull apart your existing cabinet. Use a table saw or a skill saw to cut it into the measurements you determined in the previous step. If your cabinet is not made out of wood, use the appropriate saw for this task.

Step 3 - Resize the Cabinet

Once you have your wood dimensions in place, drill holes into the wood edges and place wood screws in them. Use the hammer to join the pieces together. Wood sealant can be used as a substitute for this step. Now brace the cabinet by placing triangular wedges to connect every corner of the cabinet. This will keep the box from bending out of shape.  

Step 4 - Mount the Cabinet

If your resizing will affect the slot where your speaker will be projecting its sound from, cut out a circle on a new piece of wood using a saber saw to cater for the new slot.

Flush mount the cabinet where necessary. This is to limit noise spikes from your amplifier. This can be done by rounding the edges of the box if the box is rectangular in shape

You can fill your resized box will polyfill to increase the sound response (especially the bass) from your amplifier.