How to Soften the Texture of Orange Peel

What You'll Need
Matte paint
Paint roller
Spray gun
Joint compound

An orange peel effect is one of several options that can be considered when you are keen on using texture to adjust the look of a wall’s surface. Being aware of how to soften the look will ensure that you achieve the desired result.

Step 1 – Mixture

In the event that the orange peel application is a new one, it is important to get the joint compound mixture correct. Mix it thoroughly to form a thin paste that can be applied manually or with the use of a spray gun.

Step 2 – Application

When using a paint roller to apply the orange peel texture, the type of roller is an important factor in the end look. A smoother roller will create a softer finish. Alternatively, using a spray gun and opening and closing the nozzle can offer the same effect.

Step 3 – Paint

Where the orange peel texture to be softened is already in place on the wall surface, the affect can be adjusted with the use of paint. Use a matte paint to avoid a shiny surface, that will emphasize the texture. Apply using a paintbrush or roller, and allow the first coat to dry before applying another.