How to Space Driveway Paver Lights


The driveway paver lights serve many purposes for your house. These lights not only illuminate the driveway, but they also provide elegance to the exterior of your house and serve for safety and security. These lights are set in the drive way constructed by stone or brick pavers. In some cases, the lights are of the size of the pavers. Thesse lights illuminate the driveways from within the design of the pavers themselves.

Selecting and installing the driveway paver lights involves a number of options and considerations. Besides their design, their location and spacing is very important. The following steps should be taken to decide the spacing of these lights.

Tools and Materials

  • Measuring tape
  • Layout plan of exterior of house
  • Driveway paver lights

Step 1: Lay out the Design of your Lighting

Decide the type light fixtures you will have. Make a sketch of the driveway and the surrounding walkways, flower beds, trees, etc. Decide the best places to install the driveway paver light fixtures. Pathway lights are generally used on the walkways, pathways, driveways and flower beds to cover the areas on the ground. The recommended spacing for these paver lights is 6 to 8 feet. However, you should refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for their spacing for proper illumination. 

Step 2: Consider Obstacles for Wiring

Note down all obstacles to run wiring past, such as any areas having water or drainage problems.

Step 3:  Start Marking the Positions

Begin to mark the position of lights from the front of the driveway. Note the illuminated areas and dark spots in the driveway. In some areas you may get the light from nearby illumination. Here the distance between the lights can be larger. In dark spots, you may want to keep the spacing closer. Fix the light points also on the sharp turns, if any. Try to keep the spacing even as much as possible. In addition to the adequate illumination on driveways, these lights should add to the ambience of your house.