How to Spackle Fireboard

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A fireboard is basically a material that is used behind drywall or in place of it. It is a type of material that burns very slowly. This way, should there ever be a fire you will be able to have time to get out and survive. The overall structure of the house will also be saved should the firefighters get there in time. While spackling these types of walls are not very different from any other there are a few things that you will have to keep in mind.

Clean Area

Get the area cleaned up where you plan on spackling. In order to do this, you will need to get all of the paint chips that are loose removed. Also, wipe down the area with a damp cloth that is clean. Make sure that you are careful whenever you are cleaning around the cracks or the holes as you do not want to make them any bigger than they already are.


Once you have the area cleaned and dry, you will need to get your spackling knife and use it to take the spackle out of the can. Make sure that you close the lid back on the can after you have gotten what you need as air will mess it up. Once you have the spackle on the knife you will need to apply it onto the area. The cracks and holes need to be completely filled up with spackle.

Remove Excess

Use your knife to remove any excess spackle. You will simply need to scrape off the spackle by angling your knife in a vertical fashion. Make sure that you get all of the extra sparkles. Once you have scraped the area get your damp cloth and wipe away the rest of the extra sparkle. This type of spackle may dry a little differently than regular spackle. It is still a good idea to get to the excess as soon as you can. Once the spackle dries you can only scrape it off.

Check The Area

Take another look to see if there are any other areas that need to be spackled. Take a good look at the entire area and make sure that there are no other cracks or holes that need to have spackle. Once you have done a run-through of the area and it looks clear you are ready to clean off your tools.


Make sure that you get your knives cleaned off as soon as you can. Spackle is not something that sits well on tools. Get warm water and wash off the cloth that you used should you plan on using it again for anything. Make sure that you clean it off before you throw it in the washer.