How to Sponge Paint Clouds

What You'll Need
Low-gloss paint with an eggshell or satin finish
1 gallon glaze
1 quart of semi-gloss white paint
Several sea sponges
Cheesecloth, about 2x2 feet
Paint tray
Stir stick
Several pictures of clouds

Learning how to sponge paint clouds is fun, easy and will add texture and realism to your painting. Clouds are a basic image to start and add charm to a child's room, bathroom or breakfast nook. Follow these instructions to sponge paint clouds on any indoor wall in your home.

Step 1 - Paint the Sky Background

Using the color of your choice, paint the sky with a roller. For a more realistic look, choose sky blue, but consider other colors for a more magical, mystical look, like pink, peach or orange. Paint on a piece of practice board or canvas as well, and allow the wall and practice surface to dry for 24 hours before sponge painting clouds.

Step 2 - Mix the Glaze and White Paint

Combine 4 parts glaze and 1 part white paint for the clouds. Thoroughly mix with a stir stick until they are blended completely. Start with a small amount first to see how much you will use per cloud.

Step 3 - Practice and Prep

Dampen the cheesecloth and sea sponges with water, wringing out well. Dip the sponges into the glazed paint and dab onto the practice board, experimenting with the way you twist your hand, layer the paint and apply pressure.

Step 4 - Painting Clouds

Look at pictures of clouds or walk outside on a cloudy day and gaze upwards, noticing how clouds are generally brightest in the center and straighter on the bottom and more billowy and wispy towards the top. Start painting clouds at the bottom, dabbing a somewhat straight line as long as you want your cloud to be. Work upwards, twisting the sponge up and out, creating varying textures.

Step 5 - Finish off with Cheesecloth

Wad the damp cheesecloth into a ball and dab over the clouds, using it to soften the paint and blur the edges. Apply more heavily towards the center, fading and softening towards the edges. Make sure the center of the clouds are thicker with paint. Add wispy curls growing out from the sides.

Step 6 - Vary Sizes and Shapes on your Wall

For a more realistic look, paint several clouds with varying height and width. Use different techniques and try not to place the clouds equal distance from eachother. Avoid painting a cloud in the exact center of the wall for an asymmetrical design that is more natural. Add wispy tendrils of clouds between larger clouds.

Invite friends and family to join you in your sponge painting adventure, learning from each other while having fun and changing the look your home!