How to Spot Spider Egg Sacs

If you live in a climate with a large spider population, knowing how to identify a spider egg sac is the difference between having a couple spiders here and there and having a spider infestation in your home. Early identification can help you in the extermination process by getting to the source before the spiders spread around your house and create even more babies. Here is how to spot a spider egg sac in your home and take the appropriate notes to be able to identify your spider intruders.

Step 1 – Begin Searching

Look in the darkest areas of your house. Spiders need somewhere out of the way to build webs and lay eggs, so the best place to begin looking is wherever it is the darkest in your home such as a basement or crawlspace. Bring a flashlight to help you see and begin scanning these areas to locate any webs.

Step 2 – Identifying Sacs

Spiders will create a weblike casing around the pouches of eggs. These cases often contain up to 1000 eggs. When you locate a sac like this, note the location in your home. Many spiders will carry their egg sac with them, while others will leave them in one location buried in the soil or hanging on a wall or in a corner.

Step 3 – Noting Some Basics

Once you have found a possible egg sac, note the shape. While most spider egg sacs are round, some are more pillow-shaped and in many cases can be grouped with several sacs as part of a large web. Look to see if the sac has silk strands coming out of it to determine whether it was attached to a larger web. Using this information gathered, you should be able to use a spider resource guide to determine what kind of spiders you are dealing with in your home. Take caution when dealing with spider egg sacs, as in most cases the mother is waiting nearby and will strike you if you are threatening her babies.

Step 4 – Exterminating the Spiders

Now that you have learned where the spiders are reproducing in your home, it will be easier to begin a plan of action to eradicate them. Once you know where they are hiding, you may note that they are in places particularly cluttered with hiding places. You may want to consider rearranging a basement or crawlspace to declutter and eliminate hiding spaces. Use a spider insecticide to spray the places where there are webs and sacs to eliminate the spiders, or call an exterminator if you have small children and don’t want to have to spray your home yourself. After treatment, be sure to check places where you saw spiders and their sacs and keep the areas cleaned and maintained to prevent spiders from coming back.