How to Spot Tree Fungus

A tree fungus is the most common cause of tree death.  Fungi that infect a tree can cause it to wilt and die. Fungi usually grow from microscopic spors that are spread through air, rainwater, and dead leaves. In some cases if the fungus is spotted soon enough the tree can be treated. Each tree fungus has different signs.

• Wood Decay Fungi – This tree fungus grows little roots throughout the damp wood of a tree. Since this tree fungus attacks from the inside, it is often hard to detect. The fungus takes the trees nutrients while it grows. If a tree is dropping limbs this may be a good sign that the tree is affected.
• Canker Fungus – Canker fungus will cause the tree to look sparse and less full then it normally would. Also the leaves start to become wilted which is another sign of canker fungus.

Preventing Tree Fungus
Although tree fungus can be treated, the most effective method of treatment is prevention. When planting a tree you should plant it in an area that drains well and that is not near a damp swampy area. These areas breed tree fungus very well.