How to Stain a Bamboo Fence

What You'll Need
Electric sander
110-grit sandpaper
220-grit sandpaper
Exterior wood stain
Tack cloth

A bamboo fence is a very elegant and classy addition to any backyard landscaping plan. Bamboo is naturally resistant to water damage as well as mold, mildew and insects. All of these benefits are what make a bamboo fence a smart and wide choice over other kinds of wood. It is an interesting fact that a bamboo fence is not actually wood. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows very fast and is much stronger than most types of wood. A bamboo fence comes in very limited colors and the process to color the bamboo is costly, time-consuming and causes the bamboo to weaken. The common choices for a bamboo fence is either natural (which is a light tan) or chestnut (darker and several variations of this color). A natural bamboo fence is beautiful as it is and staining it can ruin the appeal and effectiveness of the bamboo fence. If, however, you are set on staining the bamboo fence this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Preparing the Bamboo Fence

A bamboo fence can come in one of two styles: pole and planks. A plank bamboo fence is the easiest to work with because the bamboo has been refined and milled. A bamboo fence that is made up of poles will require much more work you may not want to do yourself unless the bamboo fence is small and serves as a decorative piece.

If you are working with a bamboo fence that consists of poles then you will need to remove it from the ground and remove the lashes that are keeping it together. The skin around the poles is very smooth and shiny which means stain will not properly adhere to the material. To combat this you will need to create a texture on the bamboo poles. Because you want to maintain the look of bamboo with just punching up the color then you want to use a finer grit sandpaper. This will scuff more of the surface than higher grit sandpaper. Clean it up with the tack cloth to remove the dust created by sanding.

A plank bamboo fence is easier to prepare. The texture still needs to be dealt with but not to the extreme of the pole bamboo fence. Use the larger grit sandpaper and lightly scuff up the surface of the bamboo fence. Clean up the dust with the tack cloth.

Step 2 - Stain the Bamboo Fence

Staining a bamboo fence is a process that cannot be neglected or quickened. It's suggested that exterior wood stain should be applied with either a sponge or rag. Dip the rag or sponge into the stain and wipe it onto the bamboo fence. Work quickly to apply the stain. Before the stain dries; wipe it off with a clean rag. Once the stain is dry gently sand the bamboo fence. Clean it up with a tack cloth and stain it again as before. Continue until the desired shade is achieved.