How to Stain a Kitchen Work Table

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A kitchen work table faces a lot of rough use. Hence, it loses its shine much more quickly as compared to a dining room table. You can stain, and therefore protect, a kitchen work table by following the steps described below.

Step 1 - Strip-off Old Stain

If you don’t strip-off the old stain, the new stain won’t hold on properly and you will get uneven finish. In addition, clear all the dust from your table.

Step 2 - Purchase Stain

You can choose amongst various kinds of stains while buying a new one. The pigmented stains have a binder mixed in them and are colored stains. The oil-based stains were quite popular but are being replaced by water-based stains as the latter dry up much more quickly as compared to the former.

Step 3 - Apply Stain

Use a soft cloth or a paintbrush to apply the stain. Usually, cloth works best as it gives you full control over the staining process. Follow the wood’s grain in steady strokes while applying the stain. If you rub hard while applying, you will get a light color stain. So if you want a darker color, rub the stain lightly.

Step 4 - Protective Covering

Let the stain dry for at least 24 hours. Use a high-quality brush to add two layers of polyurethane as a protective covering on the table.