How to Stain a Round Patio Table

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-200
What You'll Need
Paint brush
Screwdriver or power drill
Newspaper or dropcloth
Paint remover
Sand paper
Wood finish

Maintain a round patio table for year-round use and durability requires a good coat of stain to protect the wood.

Patio Table Construction

Wood patio tables are made from a number of different kinds of woods. These woods include redwood, cedar and teak and less often, pine. The best woods for outdoor furniture are hardwoods that are resistant to insect infestation and destruction.

Some patio furniture is constructed of a combination of wood and metal and special care should be used when using items like paint remover so that the metal finish is not changed if not desired.

Choosing a Wood Stain

When you choose your wood stain color, you may decide to stay with a stain that reflects the natural color of the wood. However, you may decide that you want another color or a depth of color that is not the same as the natural wood.

You can purchase wood stain from almost any wood furniture retailer, including unfinished wood furniture companies and even home improvement centers. In order to get a good idea of what your patio furniture will look like after you have stained it, ask to see a sample of the stain on a piece of wood furniture in the store or a sample block of wood. Most places that sell stain have samples readily available for you to look at before you buy the stain.

If you are considering staining your outdoor table as a weekend project, here are some simple instructions.

hand painting patio table

Step 1 - Prep

Place your outdoor table in a well ventilated area, on top of drop cloth or spread out newspapers–it is not a good idea to do this project on a lawn or other area where you may discover insects or plant materials unexpectedly deposited on your furniture.

Step 2 - Separate

Carefully remove the table top if possible. If not, do not worry about this.

Step 3 - Sand

If the table has paint on it, then sand out any rough spots and use paint remover to remove the paint. Carefully sand the entire surface of the table smooth and then clean the surface to remove any grit or remaining small spots of paint.

Step 4 - Stain

With the surface of the table dry, slowly begin to paint the wood with the stain. Letting the surface dry between coats, repeat staining until you have achieved the depth of color desired.

Step 5 - Apply Finish

After the stain is completely dry, apply the wood finish to the table.