How To Stain A Wood Threshold

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  • 72-168 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-150
What You'll Need
Medium grade sand paper
Very fine grade glass paper
Small paint brush
Wood Stain
Wax polish
Soft lint free cloth

A wood threshold at the entrance to your home can make a huge contribution to preventing drafts, water leakage and dirt. To strengthen and make the threshold look better a good stain will be very effective.

TIP: Before you start working, read your wood stain's container and do some preliminary research to figure out how long it will take each coat to dry. Wood stain frequently takes 24 hours to dry completely, but it varies by brand. Knowing this information beforehand will affect how you set up your work area and how you schedule your time for the next few days.

Step 1- Check the Threshold

The even application of a good quality wood stain starts with the preparation of the surface. Your threshold should be made of sound wood with no blemishes like knots or cracks. A fine grained hardwood like oak is the best wood to use. Place the threshold in position and make sure that the door does not make contact with it.

Step 2- Prepare the Surface

Use a medium grade sand paper to smooth down all the sides of the wood threshold. Pay particular attention to the ends. Finish the preparation with a very fine glass paper. The threshold should feel satin smooth to the touch.

Step 3- Apply the Stain

Using a small paint brush apply the stain evenly and not too thickly. Do not try to do the base as well because the wood threshold needs to be left to dry. The ends of the threshold will absorb the stain very rapidly.

Step 4- When the First Coat is Dry

Use a fine glass paper to smooth down the stained surfaces. You will discover that many fibers have risen and the surface will no longer be smooth.

Step 5- Apply the Stain

Apply a second coat of stain. Let the stain dry and rub it down with fine glass paper. Apply the third and final coat of stain.

Step 6- Seal the Threshold

Stains are not sealers so you need to protect the wood threshold against water. Use a good quality sealant and apply it in at least two fine coats. Pay particular attention to the ends of the threshold. The ends are vulnerable to water if not sealed properly.

Step 7- Seal the Base of the Threshold

It is not important that the base of the threshold should be stained. It must be sealed however. Apply the sealant in at least two coats and rub down between coats with fine glass paper.

Step 8- Gloss or Matt Finish

If the floor to which the threshold is to be attached has a gloss finish you should put a gloss finish on the threshold.

Step 9- Applying the Gloss

A gloss finish can be achieved by using a varnish. So that you don’t change the color of the threshold use a clear varnish. Apply the varnish lightly in at least two coats and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step 10- Seal the Gloss

Use a good wax polish to seal the gloss finish. Apply the polish with a soft, lint free cloth. With a regular circular motion rub the polish into the threshold.

When the threshold is fitted in place you will need to ensure that the door still does not make contact with it. Drip a little sealer around the fasteners and allow it to dry naturally.