How to Stain Fiber Cement Board Siding

What You'll Need
Pressurized Washer
Fiber Cement Stain
Paint Brush

Fiber cement board is an ideal alternative to the usual wood siding and is considered by many to be more durable than real wood. The problem with fiber cement board is mainly focused on the aesthetic nature of the material. People prefer the natural look and feel of real wood and prefer wood sidings instead. The good thing about fiber cement board is that it can be stained to produce an appearance comparable to the classic look of wood. You only need a few basic materials to properly partake in this fun procedure.

Step 1 – Surface Preparation

Use a pressurized washer to remove all traces of mud, dirt and grime on the fiber cement board sidings. It is important to thoroughly remove dirt to create a more lasting and authentic staining procedure. If a pressurized washer is not available, you can always use a regular garden hose and a soft brush to facilitate the cleaning procedure. The more time you spend cleaning the fiber boards will ultimately produce the best results. Let the surface dry.

Step 2 – Apply Stain

Use a paintbrush to apply the stain. Keep in mind that ordinary wood stain will not produce the expected results. What you need is a stain specifically made for fiber cement boards, which is usually characterized by a print on the label that indicates semi-transparency. Semi-transparent stain is the best type of stain to use in this project.

Remember to apply a light coat. Sufficiently cover all areas of the surface to avoid the occurrence of bubbles or cracks.

Step 3 – Let Dry and Apply a Second Coat

Allow the surface to dry for at least an hour before applying a second coat of stain. It is best to apply multiple light coats than applying a single heavy coat. Use a clean paintbrush to apply an even coat on all the stained surfaces. Applying fiber cement stain is similar to applying paint as sufficient coverage will produce a more beautiful and lasting look. Let the surface dry. You may opt to apply a third coat to further seal the fiber cement board as an added dose of protection against the harsh elements of the weather.

Some people prefer to paint fiber cement board using 100 percent acrylic-based exterior paint. This will allow you to choose a color theme that is right for your home. The procedure is the same as applying stain as you need to start with a relatively clean surface. Whether you choose to apply stain or paint on fiber cement boards, remember to check with your favorite hardware store regarding the type of stain or paint that you wish to use. This will make sure that the staining and painting procedure is done right through the use of high quality materials designed to protect and beautify fiber cement boards. It will be best to purchase paintbrushes of different sizes as well, as this will allow you to tackle tricky corners without danger of staining the surrounding areas.