How to Stencil a Glass Door

What You'll Need
Rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner
Rag or paper towel
Measuring tape
Level (optional)
Glass or acrylic paint (or spray paint)
Foam sponge or stenciling brush
Painters tape
Shallow container

If you’re looking for a way to improve any glass door in your home, stenciling can be a long-lasting and elegant option. You can also buy vinyl designs to apply to your glass door, but if you use a stencil, you have more options to express your creativity. You can use a number of different stencils together to create exactly the look and design you want.

Step 1 - Clean the Glass Door

Before you begin painting your stencil on the glass door, you need to make sure the surface is clean. If the glass is grease-free, the paint will adhere correctly. Use glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol to prepare the glass door for painting.

Step 2 - Place the Stencil

Use a measuring tape to determine the center of the glass door. The center will provide a good reference point when you line up your stencil. If you’re placing the stencil in the corners of the glass door, measure from the corner of the glass to place your stencil in the right spot. If you really want to make sure everything is lined up, you can use a level to make sure your design is straight.

Attach your stencil to the glass with painter’s tape or another kind of tape that has low tack, but make sure the stencil is attached securely.

Step 3 - Paint the Design

There are a number of different types of paint you can use for glass, but you need to make sure they will last through the weather and washings. Acrylic paint may not last as long as paint that is specifically designed to go on glass. Check the label to make sure that the glass does not need to be in a kiln for the paint to adhere correctly, unless you have a kiln that will fit your glass door.

Depending on the kind of paint you choose, use a foam sponge or stencil brush to apply the paint to the glass door. You can practice on a sheet of paper, but the paint on the glass will look a little bit different.

Step 4 - Let the Design Dry

You will probably stencil your glass door while it is in place. If so, make sure that the paint is dry enough to remove the stencil before you remove or even reposition the stencil. If you don’t wait until the paint is dry, you might notice that the paint runs down the glass. Once you finish painting, remove the stencil. After the paint is completely dry, wipe away any leftover adhesive.