How To Stencil Concrete

Concrete stenciling is creating a decorative pattern on freshly poured concrete to enhance its appeal, and to stencil concrete is simpler than most people think. Armed with an appropriate paper stencil, the task can be accomplished as an afternoons chore. In addition, ready-made stencil cuttings can be bought at hardware or home improvement stores, saving the time that would have otherwise been utilized in cutting an appropriate stencil oneself and ensuring its uniformity.

The following steps will show how to stencil concrete easily:

Step 1

The surrounding areas and buildings are covered before the required amount and level of concrete needs to be poured in an area.

Step 2

Once the concrete is ready, the paper stencil needs to be placed over it. It is lightly trowelled on top of the surface of the concrete. If required, decorative patterns and borders may be added to augment the design of the concrete.

Step 3

Oxides (colors) are added to the top layer of the concrete or mixed with it for additional effect. The stencil is then removed and the concrete is swept clean. Finally, a protective coat of an appropriate sealant is required to seal off the concrete from environmental factors.