How to Stop the Squeaking Noise Coming From Your Sofa Bed

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What You'll Need
Slot screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
Spray lubricating oil
Dry soap
Plastic washers

A squeaking noise coming from your sofa bed can definitely interfere with a good night’s sleep. People often think they need to purchase a whole new sofa bed. That is not always necessary, especially when the sofa bed is in good shape.

In order to try and stop the squeaking noise, you must first determine the source of the problem. It is possible to fix the noise without having to purchase a new sofa bed altogether. Figure out if if the noise is actually coming from the wooden parts or the metal parts. Follow these steps to stop your sofa bed from squeaking.

Step 1 - Finding the Squeaky Noise

Open the sofa bed so that you can lay on it. Move around to different areas of the sofa bed and listen out for the squeaks. Doing so will help you locate exactly where the squeaky noise is coming from in the bed and the sofa.

Step 2 - Remove the Mattress

If you find that the squeaking noise is coming from under the mattress, remove the mattress from the sofa bed.

Step 3 - Loosen Screws and Apply Dry Soap

Take out all of the screws and run them across a bar of dry soap. The dry soap is similar to a lubricant. If you do not have dry soap available, you can also place plastic washers on the screws. The plastic washers will serve as a buffer for the screws. This step can be done on the wooden parts of the sofa bed, as it works best there. After running the screws across dry soap or placing plastic washers, put the screws back into the sofa bed.

Step 4 - Apply Lubricating Oil

Tighten any screws that you see in the area of the bed where you heard the squeaking. Once the screws have been tightened, spray some lubricating oil to that particular area. The lubricating oil is good to help prevent the screws from making squeaking noises.

Step 5 - Tighten the Screws

Tighten all of the screws back into the sofa bed frame. This step includes the side rails. Make sure that all of the screws are secured tightly in order to will minimize the chance of the sofa bed squeaking.

Step 6 - Put the Sofa Bed Back Together

Return the mattress to the sofa bed. As in Step 1, move around on the sofa bed and listen for any squeaking. If you do hear more squeaking, you may have to remove the mattress again. In the area that you suspect to still hear noise, loosen the screw slightly instead of tightening them more. If you do not hear any more squeaking, disregard this step.