How to Store Canna Bulbs

Plant canna bulbs to grow beautiful, easy-to-maintain flowers in your garden. The canna lily will naturally bloom in deep, rich shades of red and yellow, but when the summer is over, take a few steps to preserve your canna bulbs.

Trim Stalks Down

Once the frost has come and the plants have died, trim down the stalks to about an inch above the ground. Put them in your compost heap.

Look For New Buds

Search around the canna bulbs for new little eye buds poking through the ground. The plant multiplies during the growing season, so there will be more buds than when you planted the bulbs in the spring.

Dig Up Bulbs

Use a small garden trowel to carefully dig up the bulbs. Push the trowel under the bulb and pry it up out of the ground. Shake off the excess dirt.

Place In Bucket

Line the bottom of a bucket or tray with newspaper. Place the bulbs on the paper, and then add another layer of paper. Repeat the layering of bulbs and paper until the bucket is full.

Store In Dry Place

Store the bucket of bulbs uncovered in a cool, dark place. As long as the temperature in the storage area does not get below freezing, you will be able to plant the bumbs again in the spring.