How to Store Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are put to work all around the world to suck up dust and grime from hard or carpeted surfaces. Good-quality vacuum cleaners can be pricey. Store your machine properly so that it continues to work well for a long time.

Clean Before Storing

Clean your vacuum cleaner properly before putting it away. You can use a dust rag for this purpose. If you have an upright vacuum cleaner, take particular care of its brush and clean it thoroughly. Periodically, insert the handle of a broom (or anything similar that serves the same purpose) into the main hose of the vacuum cleaner to free it from any debris before stowing it away.

If you have vacuumed up any food items while cleaning, make sure that you empty the appliance of all food remnants. In case you forget to clean this out from the machine, it will smell of rotten food the next time you take it out for cleaning.

Remember to wipe the inside of your vacuum dry before storing it. If there is moisture retained within the machine, it would promote mold and mildew growth within it. As a result, the next time you turn on your machine, it will release the spores of these fungi into the air around you.