How to String Barbed Wire Safely

What You'll Need
Posts (can be wooden or steel)
Fence stretching tool

Mostly people use barbed wire at their farm houses in order to protect their livestock and to ensure that their livestock does not run out of the premises. Apart from that, many people use barbed wire to build up a wall like structure to avoid intruders. In order to string barbed wire safely, some specific things need to be taken care of.

Step 1 - Installation of the Post

First and foremost, you are required to install the post. Now, the post can be made of wood or steel depending on your preference. In order to install posts, one needs to do the following. First ascertain the place where the barbed wire fencing needs to be done. Then one can make some kind of mark for the posts to be placed. If you choose wood posts then it requires digging in the soil to place them. In case you chose steel posts, then they can be hammered in at the surface. One can install the posts at a difference of approximately 4 feet.

Step 2 - Stringing the Barbed Wire

In order to string the barbed wire, one can use a fence stretching tool which can be easily purchased from the market. One can begin the process of stringing the barbed wire from one post and take to another and this process needs to be repeated till the time all pots are covered. It should be kept in mind that a bit of negligence can result in an accident and can hurt the person who is stringing the barbed wire. Barbed wire is rolled around the post with nails on it to ensure good grip. One should wear gloves while doing so. Stringing of barbed wire should be done in a careful manner with full concentration.

Step 3 - Stretching of the Wire

Once the basic stringing of barbed wire is done, it is important to stretch the wire. While stretching the wire, one should keep in mind that wire fencing should be tight and there should be no sagging of the barbed wire or else it will not serve its purpose in the best manner. Apart from this, one needs to add diagonal barbed wire as well to ensure more hurdle. This can be done in the same fashion. The way to string barbed wire remains the same however instead of lateral wiring, this time, diagonal wiring is done. And note that these wires are also stretched to avoid any sagging.

By following these steps, one can string barbed wire in a safe manner. It is imperative that proper preventative measures like wearing gloves should be taken to ensure a safe stringing process of the barbed wire. One needs to keep in mind that holding the bundle of barbed wire in hand can be dangerous. It should be placed on a post and then used as a roll. This will avoid unnecessary scratches and injuries. However, it is impossible to complete this process without a single scratch but of course, the injuries can be minimized by stringing the barbed wire in a proper manner.