How to Take Care of Your Parquet Floor

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Manufacturer recommended cleaner
Door mats
Rug or carpet
Plastic pads

A parquet floor is type of traditional wood floor, which is much sought after for its beauty and durability. Like all wood flooring, a parquet floor requires special care and maintenance so that it can maintain its luster for a long time.

Step 1 – Prevent Scratches on the Surface

Scratches or unsightly marks on a parquet floor may call for costly repairs. It is best to avoid these accidents by following some easy rules. Never wear sharp heeled footwear on parquet flooring. In fact, it is best to avoid wearing your outdoors shoes on the parquet floor. Dirt, small stones and other particles can cause scratches on the floor surface. A good safety practice is to lay door mats at all entry points in your home, so that the dirt does not get tracked indoors. Clean these mats regularly as well.

Step 2 – Clean Regularly

Clean your parquet floor once every day or every couple of days. This will avoid accumulation of dust on the floor, which can also result in friction on the floor surface. Use a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Never wet mop a parquet floor, as accumulated moisture can damage the flooring. If you have a parquet floor in the kitchen, protect it with a rug or carpet, especially in the vicinity of the sink and dishwasher. Only use a cleaner recommended by the floor manufacturer for this purpose. In case of dropped food or a liquid spill, make it a point to clean it up immediately. Any mess that sits on the parquet floor can stain the wood, leaving unsightly marks.

Step 3 – Avoid Generic Cleaners

One big mistake people unwittingly make is using generic floor cleaners on parquet flooring. These cleaners, which are suitable for ceramic or vinyl floors may not be good for your parquet floor. To avoid long lasting damage, make it a point to consult your parquet floor manufacturer on a suitable floor cleaner. Never use abrasive cleaners or steel wool to clean your parquet floor. This can leave behind permanent marks and scratches.

Step 4 – Use Caution when Moving Heavy Items

If possible, avoid moving heavy items across parquet flooring on a regular basis. When such moving is required, take necessary precautions to protect the floor. Use soft cloth or pads under the furniture or other such heavy item. Ensure that the floor is in contact with the soft side of the cloth or pad, or else the dragging motion may cause scratches on it. Use assistance when moving the item, and slowly drag the item, checking often to see if the protective pad is still in place. If possible, get help with lifting the item and carrying it to the new spot. Also, make it a point to stick plastic pads under the legs of all furniture on the parquet floor. This prevents scuffing and scratching on the floor every time the furniture is moved around.