How to Tell if Your Well Pressure Tank Needs to Be Replaced

deep well pressure gauge attached to pipes

A well pressure tank can go out at any time, and it can be hard to tell if you have never worked with one before if it needs to be replaced. Here is a quick guide that can help you to determine whether or not you should look for a replacement:

Step 1 - Check Manual

Checking the manual is the first step to deciding whether your well pressure tank needs to be replaced. You will want to check in the manual how long that particular model should last, and the symptoms if something goes wrong. This can help you diagnose your own properly.

Step 2 - Measure Pressure

Measuring the pressure decrease is another way to tell if your well pressure tank needs to be replaced any time soon. One of the first symptoms that will occur is a decrease in pressure, and when this happens, you will want to check it out right away and measure to see if it continues to go down or not. If you have a leak or a connection just isn't hooked up properly, this could be the culprit. Otherwise, you will most likely need a replacement.