How to Tell if Your Well Pump Needs a New Water Pressure Switch

A well pump.

The water pressure switch is one of the most hardworking parts of your well pump. This switch maintains the water pressure by turning on and off the system as needed. A faulty water pressure switch may fail to turn the pump on causing the water pressure to drop so low that no water will flow into your home anymore.

Not all faulty water pressure switches need replacement, and, in most cases, you can correct the problem through repairs. However, there are instances when repairs will not solve the problem anymore and you will need to replace your water pressure switch with a new one. Below are some of the instances when you should get a new water pressure switch for your well pump.

When the Useful Life of the Switch Is Over

Like all types of electrical parts, the water pressure switch has a limited useful life and when this useful life is over, you will need to replace the switch. In most cases, the estimated lifespan of the switch is commensurate to its warranty period so if your pressure switch is already beyond the warranty period and it malfunctions, you should replace it with a new one.

Severe Damage

If your switch is burnt out and it has no voltage, it is time for you to replace the switch with a new one.