How to Test a Boat Ignition Switch

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What You'll Need
Manual of the Boat
Boat Ignition Switch

It is important that we test the boat ignition switch so that we can avoid any trouble ahead. It is part of safety measures among sailors. Ignition switch is also very important to a boat because it is its driving force to get started. Therefore, it is conventional that you test your boat’s ignition switch. In addition, testing this device is easy and you do not need to call any technician to do it for you. You can test it yourself.

Step 1 – Check the Engine

Read the manual of your boat particularly in boat ignition switch because it may differ from one boat to another. Next, check your boat engine for any leaks. It may cause explosion when you try to start using the switch. Check the wiring of the boat, especially the one connected to the switch, as it may cause short circuit problems. Check the condition of your battery before the test because most problems occur in the batteries. Start at the battery and follow the wires that lead to the engine. Check the connection and the starter solenoid which connects your battery from the switch.

Step 2 – Switch on the Engine

Next, you are ready to make things spark. Slightly turn the key using the boat’s ignition switch to start the engine. Listen carefully if there is any unusual sound. If there is, stop the test. You may have an engine problem. Finally, if you are successful in switching on the engine, let the engine run long enough to heat your engine. Then switch off the engine and wait for a couple of minutes. Do step 2 again until you are satisfied in testing your ignition switch.